Expl0665: In German! Please…

English is the new lingua franca. So, to reach billions of people all over the world: The Explicator is now avalaible in English! So have a look. So have a hear and listen to our sponsor, too!

Download der Episode hier.
Musik: “Lange nicht gesehen (feat. Andreas Sterzik) (2016)” von MORREST GUMP / CC BY 3.0

Welcome to the Explicator. Starting today we are sending in English. Simply to reach a broader audience. 170 mio. people do speak German all around the world. This is quite surprising, but the rest speaks and understands English. So, being an European, here my greetings to the world: Welcome to the show, all you Aussies, Kiwis, Americans, Canadians, Scottish, Welsh and Irish!

And furthermore: To deliver a more entertaining broadcast we are hereby changing our information channel into a pure entertainment format. We will be an Anglo-Saxon porcast. And we even found a sponsor! That’s what you do, if you wanna be hip. I hope you’ll like what you will hear.

So, let’s start with a short message from our sponsor:

„Are you deeply dissapointed by politics, too. Are you plagued by nightmares, do you fear for the future of our kids? Well, we certainly do.
Do you feel it’s about time for a dramatic change? For a new beginning, a start from scratch, a revolution? We do feel the same way!
Do you feel the wind of change? Do you think: Yes, we can do it! Then give your vote and elect revolution. Choose the CDU!“

Thank you for your time! Let’s start the show!